Friday, November 30, 2007

Mia Patagonia!

As January draws nearer, I am having a very hard time controlling my excitement and nervousness. Will Stanhope and myself are travelling to the Patagonian region of Argentina to [hopefully] bag some towers.

Free climbing FA's on turbo granite is the mission, and the granite there is some of the best on Earth. The only problem is, weather-wise, we are trying to send in one of the most hostile environments as yet discovered by man..

Will's my best friend, we make a great team. I appreciate the fact that we can talk each other into the stupidest objectives while trimming down the gear to an uncompromizing minimum. Yea, this approach has lead to some memorable epics, but the sting is not long after forgotten, it seems. We are looking forward to applying our kamakazi-style tactics and free climbing rally ability to 6000 feet of mixed rock and ice in one of the most beautiful arenas for sport on this planet. Who knows, a weather window may never appear and we may spend six weeks drinking scotch in basecamp. We make great drinking partners though, too... Infact, it's Friday night and I think we'll go and do a little 'training'..

Very large thank-yous go out to both the Mountain Equipment Co-op and Metolius for kicking some serious support our way!

Hasta luego,


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