Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rockies Steeps

Hayden and I showed up in the Rockies and poached the East (or is it NE) Face of Mt. Victoria on our very first day with Jon Walsh. Not a bad way to start a trip... 

A pic I stole via Google. The Chateau, Lake Louise, and Mt. Victoria. We skied off the tippy top...

Hayden and the Moon.

Nearing the end of the steeps.

JR's write up and stellar photos are here:

Thursday, June 23, 2011

More Morocco

So, I think Expedition Impossible premiers today, which I am sure you are all very excited about... 

I recently tried the North Twin with my buddy Hayden. He wrote about it on the Patagonia blog here:

Before I talk about the North Twin, let me finish off Morocco first.

I am currently in the UK, en route to Italy. Very excited.


Pablo has slack skills. I do not.

I call this Blue Boats.

Moroc yallah.

Natural enemies? Neither is very bothered by the other, I think we could learn a lot from this bird and this cat.

The Medieval fortress of Essouira. They filmed Othello here.

Tony Touch on our way to the Taghia Gorge.

Tony T on Barraka. 700m of plaisir 7b.

Jebel Oujdad towers over the village of Taghia.

The tanning pits in Fez.

Typical roadside cafe fare.

The ultra-cosmique town of Chefchaouen. Everything is blue.

A cute German couple we met in Chef... Haha. They both like to wear Arc'teryx.

The Berber culture is pretty cool.

Chef kitty.

Tony T aka the German in Akchour. The stoke-factor is huge.

Fez medina.

The mega wall in Akchour. 1000' overhanging tufas. Radical.

Akchour is a half hour from the Med!

The lush Akchour Valley and one of its inhabitants.