Thursday, June 23, 2011

More Morocco

So, I think Expedition Impossible premiers today, which I am sure you are all very excited about... 

I recently tried the North Twin with my buddy Hayden. He wrote about it on the Patagonia blog here:

Before I talk about the North Twin, let me finish off Morocco first.

I am currently in the UK, en route to Italy. Very excited.


Pablo has slack skills. I do not.

I call this Blue Boats.

Moroc yallah.

Natural enemies? Neither is very bothered by the other, I think we could learn a lot from this bird and this cat.

The Medieval fortress of Essouira. They filmed Othello here.

Tony Touch on our way to the Taghia Gorge.

Tony T on Barraka. 700m of plaisir 7b.

Jebel Oujdad towers over the village of Taghia.

The tanning pits in Fez.

Typical roadside cafe fare.

The ultra-cosmique town of Chefchaouen. Everything is blue.

A cute German couple we met in Chef... Haha. They both like to wear Arc'teryx.

The Berber culture is pretty cool.

Chef kitty.

Tony T aka the German in Akchour. The stoke-factor is huge.

Fez medina.

The mega wall in Akchour. 1000' overhanging tufas. Radical.

Akchour is a half hour from the Med!

The lush Akchour Valley and one of its inhabitants.

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Anonymous said...

Yo Jason. Just wanna say props for goin after the North Twin- shows a level of commitment that seems rare amongst the new generation (at least in N. America- maybe the unknown eastern euros are still willing...)

Anyway, congrats for bearing the torch of the old school Rockies heros.