Sunday, April 19, 2009

Twin One Couloir

Work had sidelined me from skiing for a few weeks, but I had a few fine days of climbing on Squamish's sacred rockstone.

A contract finally ended, meaning I could get after some spring coulior skiing! I met Craig and Alex in Whistler for a day mission to the Duffy. Our original plan was to ski Mt. Howard, but our view from the Vantage col gave a spectacular perspective of the Twin One Coulior on Mt. Matier.

Craig and Alex break for lunch after the descent, visible behind.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Time for Traverses

It is amazing how much winter terrain can be covered by a skier in one day. This winter I have been training for skiing loong endurance days in the mountains. I am really motivated to push my limits to see how far and how fast I can possibly go. As a teenager I was really into ultra-distance running. In-a-push ski traverses give me as much satisfaction as running did, except now the downhills are way more fun!

Here are a few photos for you to get psyched on spring ski traverses: