Monday, February 28, 2011


Climbing photos are generally boring, so I have chosen to upload some fun non-climbing pictures. Enjoy. Regrettably, climbing photos to follow... ;)

The Geisler enjoying one of many cafe express during our epic three-day, 6 airport journey to Patagonia.

Buenos Aires is a cool town, with lots of amazing buildings around every corner.

My first Quilmes of the trip. A proud, refreshing national beer. Treated with disdain by many Argentines, not unlike Kokanee in Canada, it will always remain close to my heart, just like its Canadian blue-canned counterpart.

Domo Blanco makes the finest helado artensenal I have ever tried. Standards have risen in Patagonia, and now, the quarter-kilo is the regular indulgence. Here is Maury going all out on the full kilo. Solo, single-push. A bold send.

Tango, the Del Lago mascot.

G-man on the hike out from a Torre Valley gear-caching mission. Note: the Torre is the giant cloud covered popsicle in the photo.

The Fitz Roy massif. The (relatively) gentle giants of the range.

Geisler. Torre icefall behind.

More ice trekking. It's pretty cool though, no?

I walked over, Geisler walked under.

Cool forest trekking. I really like alpine climbing because it mostly involves walking, which I am way better at than climbing. 

 Someone made these and posted them throughout town. A tad harsh, I'd say.

 Then Jon Gleason showed up. Here he is with a Penguino from 'A-wanna-kank'. Usually we fill these with vino tinto, but on this special occasion he is drinking agua.

Gleason thinks a lot. This time in the Chocolateria.

Geisler's bananas didn't survive the hike into basecamp. He ate them anyways. He also let his empanadas go soggy. I thought he was supposed to be experienced at this stuff...

Colin Haley is an empanada fanatico. If he didn't go alpine climbing all the time I'm sure he would be an obese person.

Zack Smith is one bad ass hombre.

These are some bad ass waffles.

Geisler split five fingertips before we even tried Cerro Torre. I don't think he could use his hands very well after our mission.

A Josh Wharton sandwich in a gringo man shack. Coach Wharton is a model climber and human being for all. Mad respect.

Hayden turned 21!

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