Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Alpine Interlude - The UK and Italy

So.. A trip between trips:
A short but oh so sweet trip to Italy and the rainy island to play tourist. Pics in no particular order:

Sunset in Tuscany... La dolce vita.

Lowgate Farm in the rainy UK.

Some things about the island are strange.

A Stratford Swan.

A classic streetside volume.

This was fast food in Italy. I am in love with this country.

Tuscan wines are some of my favourites. Brunellos, Borollos, and all fine vintages of the Sangiovese grape.

This is a reason I like Tuscany.

This too...

More Italian fast food. What is wrong with North America??

Firenze marble-work.

A great t-shirt... kind of like the ones your mom bought you from Fields with a race car on them that said "Formula One".

More Firenze marble-work.

Love locks. You throw away the key...

The moon over the Castello vinyard.

Wine country.


Gloria <3 Fran.

Slovenian wood cask-work.

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