Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Honorable mention... Smokes, Let's Go!

Tony Touch open bivies on Mt. Waddington

I've been trying pretty hard at alpine climbing these past few years, and have been dealt some rough cards... It's just how this games goes and I wouldn't have it any other way. It's nice to get a little bit of recognition from time to time though, simply to stoke the fire for future attempts.
The North Twin is personal. I put everything into trying to climb it... twice now! I will be back ASAP for another go because I really, really want to climb on it again. I was really surprised and quite flattered when the North American climbing media picked up on my attempts and decided that they were worthy of a side note. Charitable, maybe, I'll take it. Those tries meant a lot.
Dougald McDonald wrote this very kind article for - you can read it here:
More recently Rock & Ice magazine gave HK and I honorable mention for top ascents of 2011 here:
Chris and Pablo in our local Squamish 'pine the Tantalus Range.

I forgot to post the second Smokes, Let's Go! Radio along with my Mexi fly update. I think it is pretty fun, so I'll post it now. A tad ADD, but we'll chalk that up to the bottle of mezcal drunk during it's creation. Besides, variety is good and playing out songs is lame...

Smokes, Let's Go! Radio #2 - Valle de Bravo by jasonkruk


Anonymous said...

Way to go on Cerro Torre, can't believe the shit storm it's stirred up. You guys are the real deal! Just read your account on, Respect to you.


Anonymous said...


Just wanted to say "thank you" for removing bolts on Cerro Torre. It's heartening to see a bit of respect for the land from alpinists, as if, maybe, something matters more than our narrow sport. Much appreciated.