Monday, October 18, 2010

The Summer That Was

Summer in Squamish is over.  With every year they keep getting better.
I can't say I rock climbed much this summer.  Instead, I enjoyed the simple joys of community in the perfect ocean-side mountain town I call home.  I drank espresso every morning on the patio and was awoken by the incredible vistas that extend from the Howe Sound fjord of the Pacific to the Garibaldi icecap.  The summer was about kitchen explosions and creative colabs of soul food cooking, watering my rooftop garden, drinking lots of good wine, and throwing some really great parties.  My batteries have been recharged and I am now ready to think about getting after it in the fall and winter.  Almost overnight I have grown hungry again for the mountains.

The website did an interview with me a couple weeks ago.  Can't say I had anything too stunning to say, but you can find it here.
My patio, the Chief, and the disco ball.  I rigged this one with care: on loan to me from Hevy Duty's living room, it's the original (circa 1970) from the old Squamish bowling alley.
 My day job for many summer weeks.  Here are three CBC students about to summit 'the jewel of the Joffre Range' Mt. Hartzell.
Eventually you head south.  Sweet Smith Rocks with Elise and Kafka the dog.
And then a little further south...

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