Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Birthday at Home

I have spent my birthday every year in recent memory on the road, away from home.  November is prime road tripping season, a sweet prolonging of the summer as Squamish turns into a dark and wet town for half the year.  This was my birthday last year, spent 30+ pitches up on El Capitan, during a trip up the Golden Gate:

El Cap Birthday from Jason Kruk on Vimeo.

The dark months are the personal hell of many residents, but I've always enjoyed the downtime of rain.  A chance to take care of the overflow of office work that piles up on my desk, take in some much needed culture from the big city down the road, and get my freak on in the kitchen.  I've always tried to ensure my happiness isn't predicated upon the weather.

By chance the sun shined brilliantly on this, my 23rd birthday, so I got out on my favourite route, the Grand Wall with two of my favourite people: Elise and Paul.  It turned out to be the best birthday of recent memory, Elise even baked me a cake and two pies.  Here's what it looked like:

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