Friday, November 12, 2010

Two Extremes

Just finished a few days of filming in Joshua Tree, California, a place I hadn't been since I was on my first major road trip with Will S back in the day.  If it wasn't for the pain in my fingertips and my aching muscles, I'd call it one of the most pleasant rock climbing trips ever.  Warm temps, short approaches, amazing lines, and incredible vistas.

Now I am in the Canadian Rockies with Paul McSorely and Jorge Ackerman, where yesterday we woke up to -15°C temps, fragile ice, and it seems I am getting sick.  Why do I like this sport again?

Paul was a Bow Valley resident and ice aficionado now living in 'retirement'.  He wears flip-flops every day of the year in Squamish.  Jorge is the best young climber in Argentina, with first ascents on Fitz Roy and a hot lap up the Ferrari route on the Torre.

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